The Unique Process of Luwak Coffee

Some people tend to enjoy their free time by drinking a cup of coffee. It seems that drinking a cup of coffee can make them relax and reduce their stress level. For your information, there are several types of coffee available in the world.

One of them is known as Kopi Luwak. Just like the name of the coffee, the coffee beans were coming from an animal called luwak or weasel. The weasel eats the coffee beans and it fermented within the stomach of the weasel. Weasel can easily fermented the coffee beans because this animal produces an enzyme in which the enzyme helps the fermentation process. Actually, the coffee beans were perfectly fermented around 2 hours up to 12 hours within the abdomen part of the weasel. Then, the coffee will be selected to go to the sun drying process. The process continued by separated the leather of the coffee and followed by sun drying process for the second times. To keep the hygiene, the coffee is washed and it goes to sun drying process for third times until the water level reduced around 10% up to 13%.

If it is ready, the coffee is fried by using traditional fraying pan and firewood. You can get three different types of luwak coffee which are city roast (black), brown, and blackish brown. If you have a plan to visit Indonesia, you can get this type of unique coffee and just go to the place where there is Jual Kopi Luwak stated there. What makes luwak coffee different compared to the other coffee is on the taste and the aroma of the coffee itself. Definitely, the taste is delicious and you can try to drink this coffee in your free time. Hopefully, this new type of coffee brings your mood back and gives you relaxation sensation to reduce your stress level.

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