Sydney Area Communities Take Advantage of Full Service Home Termite Control Company

Home Termite Control Company provides full service termite control to communities in New South Wales. From initial inspection through application of environmentally safe termite treatments and follow up, termite control technicians provide professional, courteous services to homeowners.

The Home Termite Control Company provides full professional termite detection and control services throughout New South Wales. Professional and conscientious termite control technicians deliver honest and thorough inspections, accurate treatment estimates and environmentally safe solutions to the homeowner. Termites are a major cause of home damage and when left unchecked can destroy a family’s biggest investment. Home Termite Control will work with the homeowner to prevent that loss.

Technicians performing termite inspections for the Home Termite Control Company are not only trained in detecting evidence of termite infestations, but are also well versed in architecture and construction. This knowledge ensures that a logical inspection approach is followed so difficult locations are not overlooked. A formal written report is provided after each inspection. The report is documented with photographs, evidence of termite damage, identification of environmental conditions supporting termites around the structure and recommendations for termite treatments.

After the inspection and report, Home Termite Control Company technicians can implement the varied termite control treatments available to adequately remove the infestation. Some of the treatments technicians implement include termite baiting and termite dusting. Termite baiting involves placing in-ground bait traps with an attractive wood based material around the home. Termites are drawn to the bait, after which poison is introduced to the bait station. Termites then ingest and carry the poison back to the colony to destroy the nest. Termite dusting is used in an active infestation by injecting poisonous dust into the termite holes and tracks so the termites pick up the dust and return to the nest and eradicate the colony.

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