Start your first crowdsourced music competitions

Needabeat is a new innovative and rather revolutionary website which aims to connect together musical enthusiasts through the power of crowdsourcing. The site effectively serves as a hub where musicians can seek out the talent of other musicians. The site was born in Germany, after a group of young music enthusiasts had the idea of connecting musicians from all over the world together.

They identified that there’s great free beats available on the market, but nowhere to go for something more personalized, or different. With that in mind, the team set out to create Needabeat – and thus far, the site has been largely successful since it’s initial launch.

Needabeat allows users to use the market place to seek out talented individuals to form part of their song. For example, if a jazz musician needed somebody to sing a chorus, they could offer music competitions where users will chip in with their bid. From there, the user can choose which talent wins the competition, and payout accordingly.

Additionally, Needabeat has a Beats & Vocals section for those who need something immediately. Simply shop through the section and purchase any beats or vocals accordingly. Finally, Needabeat has a Producers & Singers section where artists can hire a producer or singer to create background music for a theme song or for vocals.

You can contact the team of needabeat through: Embedded data.

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