Antares Projects – How Investments and Assets are Managed Safely

Antares as an entity has been in business since 1996. The company has made a name and established itself as a true leader in environmentally sustainable and community involved projects. Its strategy and focus has been to gain an intimate knowledge of its markets and also to establish contacts and relationships in the industry. This approach has helped them to identify and gain assets/properties which were passed up by many competitors. The company uses analytic tools developed by them taking into account things like construction and operation costs, design, leasing/sales prospects, etc.

Investment funds are acquired by working with different partners – the ultimate aim is to keep all interests aligned and get the best returns on investment. The company takes advantage of all the discounts that are offered on distress sales, market dislocation sales, assets which are not well capitalized, etc. Their portfolio of properties cuts a wide swath in the market – not just in property types, but markets as well as sub-sectors. The company employs a very “hands on” approach to investing and managing their assets. Regardless of whether the property is owned by Antares or managed for someone else, every asset is managed by collaborating in multiple ways; acquisition, lease, management, accounting, operations, designing, building and marketing. Every property has specific business and marketing plans to ensure top notch performance.

Antares also maintains good relations with tenants and brokers in every community – especially with those who are into office and retail building and management. Every professional on their management team has years of experience in the leasing business. It is no wonder then that the company is able to offer a great number of services, space as well as locations. In house research teams track a number of statistics like movement of tenants with their jobs or other aspects and demand for space and availability. This kind of research offers information which permits Antares to provide value for money and generating a lot of revenue.

The company stays involved in every aspect of building and other operations – the motto is to establish long term working relationships with its tenants. Antares prides itself on managing and operating all their properties and buildings at peak efficiency. This is done by leveraging individual portfolios of properties – every aspect of the building process, engineering, security and safety are overseen to ensure strict standards are adhered to. Thanks to well established relationships with their vendors, Antares is able to get maximum benefits in quality of service as well as prices.

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