Natural Sweetener Sukrin Now Available from GoodnessDirect

Northampton, United Kingdom (11th January, 2013) – GoodnessDirect, a leading online provider of health foods, eco-friendly products and supplements, has recently taken on a new product: Sukrin, a natural sweetener.

Sukrin is a natural sweetener used as a healthier alternative to sugar, developed in Norway from erytritol: a sugar alcohol fermented from the glucose found in pears, melons and mushrooms.

Sukrin is calorie-free and is scored as zero on the Glycemic Index (GI) scale; foods with a low GI are beneficial for diabetics and dieters, as they help to maintain blood sugar levels rather than cause them to fluctuate, as high-GI foods do.

Tschaka Roussel, from GoodnessDirect, says: “Sukrin adds great diversity to our range of sugar free sweeteners. It is naturally fermented and so doesn’t taste artificial and saccharin like other sweeteners, neither does it pose any danger whatsoever to customers’ health; offering various natural health benefits and serving as a great alternative to sugar.

“It is available on our website as either a ‘slightly less sweet than sugar’ or ‘double the sweetness of sugar’ version, as per customers’ tastes. It also comes in the forms of brown sugar and icing sugar, so it can be used perfectly in a cup of coffee or for baking.

“We love Sukrin sweeteners and look forward to hearing what our customers think of them, too.”

For more information on GoodnessDirect’s range of Sukrin products, visit or call 01327 706611.

About GoodnessDirect:
GoodnessDirect is a heath foods wholesaler and retailer of natural products, stocking a vast range of foods, drinks and supplements for special diets and allergies. With strong Christian ethics informing their approach to business and customer service, GoodnessDirect aims to make healthy shopping easier and more enjoyable than ever.

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