Bade Acche Lagte Hain: Why was Vaibhav Joshi aka Rehan asked to leave the show?

Bollywood News – If sources are to be believed, Vaibhav has been asked to leave the show – no, the character hasn’t being chopped off, just the actor. We tried to call the makers to understand the explanation for Vaibhav’s sacking, but no one responded.

We speculate that could be the actor’s over the top acting and expressionless face. That’s just our thoughts!

Anyway, now that Vikram and Neha have moved in together, the manufacturers will be back discussing Rehan and the issues. And we really hope that the creative honchos take an informed decision on whom to cast for the role.

Rehan was last seen as he had got into a brawl with Rahul (Vikram and Neha’s elder son) and was charged with creating nuisance through the police. We wonder what Rehan’s next move is going to be now that Vikram and Neha are back together? Or will the couple accept him into the family? Wait and watch…

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