Holiday DUI Arrests in Los Angeles Decrease in 2012 Showing Signs that Things are Improving

The number of DUI arrests made in Los Angeles between the dates of December 14th and December 29th 2012 has shown a notable improvement. (Press Release) - Monday, February 4th, 2013

The number of DUI arrests made in Los Angeles between the dates of December 14th and December 29th 2012 has shown a notable improvement from the same period in 2011 with just 1,773 people reportedly arrested for alcohol and drug impairment in 2012 compared to 2,205 in 2011 according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department.

While this is cause for optimism and could show that the citizens of Los Angeles are becoming more aware of road safety around the holiday season, the authorities do question whether or not an improvement would have been possible without the additional patrols and checkpoints set up throughout Los Angeles. It is still too difficult to say whether or not the Los Angeles populace is getting the road safety message put out by authorities. 2013 will no doubt provide the answers.

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