Reveals Student Visa Requirement to Study in UK

Ask anyone, the most difficult part of going abroad is definitely obtaining the Visa. With the number of people going abroad for education every year, the Visa rules are also becoming more stringent in order to prevent the mass exodus of students to their country. At, they have an expert set of professionals who will help you to get the Visa at the right time.

The Student Visa Requirements are especially difficult to get because of so many stages involved. For a Student Visa Requirements for Study in UK the normal procedure is to obtain a 4-tier Visa.

These are the points which are applicable with the same and the company helps everyone achieve it:

1. For a full-time study, which is defined by the number of hours of classes that happen in a week
2. For a visa of three years, you need to have a minimum qualification degree of less than university graduate
3. To get a visa for four years, you need to apply for a higher qualification. This type of Visa also allows you to work part-time or full-time if you have official holidays during that period

The country also allows you to switch to tier 1 or tier 2 visas depending on your skill and level of work done during the stay in the country.

The Visa application process is as follows:

1. Duly filled complete application form
2. A passport which is valid
3. Various documents which should be translated to English in case they are not
4. Biometrics test will be performed on the student (his retina will be checked, and Fingerprints will be taken)
5. CAS- or the certificate of Acceptance for studies from the concerned college of study.
6. Student Application Visa amount should be paid
7. The student also has to make several declarations in front of the visa office in order to get his Visa. (Declaration includes the evidence that the tuition fees has been paid)

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