Author James E. Craven Unveils New Free Promotion for Book

A new free promotion has been announced for Tunnel Vision – The Bomb Maker Has Arrived, for January 30-31, 2013. Written by James E. Craven, the novel has been previously published by CreateSpace and within the book store in soft cover and digital e-book formats.

In this suspense-filled story, a national hero undergoes a transformation as he tragically loses his wife and two children to a murderous drug addict, followed by the fact that his brother’s life of crime evolves into an association with a terrorist organization. Michael McDaniel, the main character, must deal with the fact Boston is quickly being drawn into the war on terror.

What follows is an action thriller filled with one hair-raising situation after another. Using martial arts skills and the will to survive the evils of drug dealers, a terror cell, a bomb maker, and the mob, the lead character must overcome each struggle as it comes. One of the most anticipated action thrillers of 2012, Tunnel Vision – The Bomb Maker Has Arrived has received five-star reviews on heralding it as one of the best books of its kind.

Author James E. Craven said, “It is an honor to receive such praise for my hard work in writing Tunnel Vision. Having never expected such success, I want to extend my appreciation for the work of art I have created by offering another promotional period at the end of January, 2013.”

The book is an inspirational story, based on coming out ahead against all odds. A modern-day big city setting and allusion to actual events such as 9/11 make it a fictional story that builds on the real past to predict what may be to come. A fast-paced story filled with bad guys waiting to make their move proves dangerous situations lurk all around.

Tunnel Vision will once again be available as part of a free promotion January 30-31, 2013. More information can be found on their website and a free copy of this book can be obtained then at Kindle Store.

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