Produced And Tested According To A Very High Certificated With World Best Quality Diesel

NAV International is a leading aftermarket diesel engine Glow Plug Manufacture. Our glow plugs (or heater plugs) are completely produced in our production plant, where we have the newest machines and a technical team who manufacturing and developing world best quality diesel glow plugs since 1996. We are 100% Export oriented Unit.

We use the best alloys available on the market or produced specifically on our own design. Our products are designed, produced and tested according to a very high certificated quality standard.

We produce single filament and double filament glow plugs in a wide range of over 400 models, each item has identical dimension as the original equipment and is manufactured according to our manufacturing process and patents. Our main focus is lifespan, we design our glow plugs to last in time, to produce long life glow plugs, and thanks to our last finding in metallurgy research we can meet this goal together with an impressive fast heating time.

Glow plugs are generally used in diesel vehicles instead of spark plugs in order to start the compression process that diesel vehicles use to start the engine. It is vital that the glow plugs are in working order. If your glow plugs have become defective then there are steps you can take to remove them and test whether you have serious faults.

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