Find Out Why So Many Turn to This Halfway House Delray Beach Facility

Halfway There, a facility offering Sober Living Florida residents can benefit from, is pleased to announce it now offers free information on Sober Houses Florida based. This sober living Florida information can be invaluable to those who want to get effective treatment for various addiction issues that they may be dealing with.

For more than ten years, Halfway There has been one of the best recovery houses Delray Beach has to offer and that is saying something because there are many sober houses Florida residents can choose from when they want help with their addictions. A major benefit that this sober living south Florida facility offers its clients is its solid success rate.

There are three core values that this sober living Florida facility abides by: they work under a very strong set of ethics which are applied to each; they offer a powerful and friendly family-type setting; and they incorporate the best and most effective recovery programs that have been proven to be effective. This sober house Delray Beach facility understands that addiction is not a single-issue problem. Addictions have many facets and true recovery can only occur when those facets have been identified and resolved. This can only occur when clients of this Delray Beach halfway house are giving treatments that are multi-dimensional. There are no cookie cutter solutions offered to clients.

The history of Halfway There is important as well. This sober house in Florida was founded by those who know what they are talking about: recovering individuals. They have developed a holistic approach that includes using the world famous 12-Step Program Model which has a success rate of 93 percent. They also utilize what is known as the Clinical Model which is used to supplement certain stages of development; and they use a Spiritual Model which helps individuals with their inner feelings.

In addition to its effective programs, working with this sober living Florida facility means clients can enjoy and benefit from a family environment that offers single-family homes as well as pet-friendly homes. The amount of time a client stays at the facility varies, but many have elected to remain for more than a year. Halfway There does not run an institution and does not employ the harsh tactics that are often found in institution-type facilities.

Residents use their time attending daily meetings for the 12 Step program. The will be given assistance in finding a sponsor, and they will move forward as they go through the steps. They also attend a variety of meetings that are used to help the resident with his or her basic recovery tools, prevention of relapse, help with life skills and job skills (if needed), help with dealing with emotional issues, and accountability labs to name just a few of the many opportunities residents take advantage of while at this sober living Florida facility.

If you would like to learn more about this sober living Florida facility (one of the most effective sober houses Florida has to offer) simply visit their website where much more information is available. Check them out today.

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If you are looking for the most effective sober living Florida based facilities, check this one out first. Halfway There offers the best sober houses Florida has to offer.

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