Online Shopping Grows in India

In India survey of many online shopping websites found that every internet user mostly 3 users from 5 do online shopping. The report found that nearly 60 percent of online users in India visited a Retail site in November 2012, with the number of online shoppers increasing 18 percent in the past year. The report also found that Coupon sites are rapidly ahead in popularity, with 16 percent of the Indian online population visiting the category in November, led by

“The online channel is playing an increasingly important role in connecting retailers with potential customers in India,” said Varighty director for India. “To take advantage of this growing chance, retailers must ensure they are speaking the needs of potential customers, which include attractive pricing and the convenience of ordering online. The rapid growth of online coupon sites recommends that consumers in India are looking for deals, importance the need for online retailers to implement effective marketing and estimating approaches for their goods.”

In November 2012, 27.2 million online users in India age 15 and older retrieved the Retail category from a home or work computer, an increase of 18 percent from the previous year, as consumers last to turn to the web to shop for and buying items and retailers last to increase their online reflectivity through active marketing movements.
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