ALEF : Album Resource available for download

Some years ago, Robert Lauri began a mystical phase and created the band ALEF. This was an original concept by Robert Lauri and Chantal Allon that consisted of mixing hard-hitting, topical arrangements with texts from the Torah. Yaacov Alvo adapted the psalms of David and Michel Bernholc took care of the musical arrangements. Yaacov Alvo and Robert Lauri did the vocals.

Success was immediate on the airwaves. Some great performance venues, such as L’Olympia, Le Zénith, Le Palais des Congrès and others staged their concerts in front of enthusiastic audiences. After winning over audiences in Europe, ALEF conquered Canada and the United States, where their gigs included an appearance on the US Telethon.

Their album Resource is available from the major download stores for all those that remember ALEF and for those who like to discover their magical musical universe.

Robert Lauri is an ecclectic artist and continues to create unique music at a dizzy pace. He just released his new album “State of Mind” and the new single Heartland, extract of this album, is announced for mid-February. “State of Mind” uses a pool of talented internationally musicians; artists like Diane Marino from the US and Mitch Hiller from England.

Every title takes us through a range of different moods and different styles: country, Southern rock, ballads, and pop-rock… but all with the special “Lauri” trademark of originality, sensitivity and creativity. More info about his release on the webpages of Robert Lauri.

Official website of Robert Lauri : Embedded data.

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