Kabook-I Provides Excellent, Sustainable Lifestyle and Living System For Communities

Kabook-i® is an holistic living system that was created by The House of Kabook-i® Pte Ltd in August of 2012. Based in Singapore, the company operates as a hands-on consultancy service that creates eco-solutions and designs ideas that help to resolve home-security, sanitation and health matters around the world for greener, healthier lifestyles. Kabook-i® focuses on an holistic build approach that assists communities to construct utilitarian areas from environmentally friendly, sustainable resources. Kabook-i® creates self-contained micro-ecosystems through composting of all organic waste matter; this allows households to create gardens and self replenishing food sources. Part of the process is a system for water management and treatment that helps to eliminate the spread of disease and improve overall health. Food, water and sustainable sanitation are interwoven as one to create a never ending, healthier cycle of life for the whole community that also improves the environment.

Production of Food

With a focus on helping impoverished communities in their production of food, the Kabook-i method provides a complete outline for composting and gardening that small communities need in order to create a self sustainable food production program. Many areas of the world provide no system of food security and people struggle to find consistent sources of nourishment; the kabook-i® raised bed garden system allows families to become independent from outside influences and take responsibility for their own food production.

The plan outlined in the kabook-i® system enables communities to create highly effective microbial compost, allowing the soil to self-replenish, nature’s way, for continued growing within that same compost over and over again. This allows for a more efficient, systematic food production approach that is easily manageable in a small space by the average householder with minimum training using no artificial fertiliser or pesticides.

Clean Water

Another huge concern for developing communities is lack of access to clean drinking water. Water is a fundamental requirement of life; far too many impoverished communities are not educated in the recycling of grey-water or disinfection of drinking water. This leads to the spread of intestinal, parasitic, water-borne diseases such as protozoa. Intestinal disease is a main concern, both from a financial and humanitarian standpoint for developing countries and agencies such as WHO and WASH throughout the world.

Solutions provided in the Kabook-i® system such as SODIS, allows for a simple method to clean and disinfect water, ending the cycle of diarrhoea, sickness and infant mortality. Water management solutions also educate communities on how to harvest and store rainwater and recycle grey water. This eliminates any wastage of water and links seamlessly into the composting and organic growing system without adverse health effects.

Healthy Living

The kabook-i® four part holistic system provides an option for healthy living that many small communities and impoverished developing communities have not yet been educated about, but are in dire need of. The kabook-i® plan outlines a complete way for these communities to create self-sustainable food production for balanced nutrition, sustainable sanitation, proper treatment of water to avoid the spreading of diseases, and proper water management. Healthy living is an important consideration for any community and the plan outlined in the kabook-i® method is a comprehensive consultancy program that can allow small communities to completely change their way of living in a short amount of time, using simple, easy to learn, tried and tested methods provided by the company.


The company is open to consultancy worldwide for all of the eco subjects and solutions discussed above. The consultancy provided walks clients through a step-by-step, hands-on training program for each subject, thereby empowering and enabling individuals and communities to lead independent and secure lives, even after consultancy has finished. This method would have a very positive affect on developing nations worldwide. The system frees communities from the endless poverty trap and leads to a healthier, more secure lifestyle, which in turn leads to education and greater prosperity, which in turn brings a total end to the cycle of poverty.

The site at www.kabook-i.com offers lots of free-to-use information and links to other eco educational websites. Readers are encouraged to use this wealth of free information and pass it on to help communities worldwide.

Find more information about Sustainable Living and Green Lifestyles with an holistic living system known as kabook-i®.

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Here at last is a green build system that lives in harmony with nature and creates a never ending cycle of life.

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