RDM offers one stop solution for buyers of industrial and commercial furniture

Commercial and industrial furniture is sharply different from its residential counterparts. They are more durable, easy to maintain and have additional functions that make them composite products for any workplace. The purchase of industrial and commercial furniture will be convenient and worth the money with RDM Industrial Products Inc.

The company has simplified the process of purchase by means of its online shop. Thus, customers can search for their preferred products in this website, place order for their chosen items and get their purchases delivered at their doorstep.

The interactive list of industry level furniture in the home page is clickable, and expands to present more subcategories with array of products. Along with this, short descriptions of the basic products supplied at the interface in the form of inset photographs of their real industrial items render a store-like ambience. Thus, whenever customers visit this online store, they are able to identify instantly the products they will get and the variety that they will be presented. Right from workbenches to office room furniture to storage cabinets and countertops, it can be remarked without a second opinion that RDM has a number of products that fit the requirements, preferences and budgets of every customer.

Besides the furniture meant for commercial and industrial purposes, the company also provide industrial furnishings and handling units like exhaust fume hoods, laminar flow workstations, epoxy resin solid surfaces and laboratory seating.

The toll free number 1-877-777-9130 provided at the top of the website gives customers the convenience of clarifying their doubts as and when it’s required. Further, RDM values the time of its esteemed customers. Thus, for those who do not wish to spend time unnecessarily by browsing through the entire website, an option for refining search has been given. Those willing to establish business liaison with RDM are also welcomed via its ‘Become a Distributor’ option.

To know more about RDM, please click here http://www.rdm-ind.com/

About RDM Industrial Products Inc.

An established manufacturer and distributor of industrial and commercial products, RDM has been successfully serving its satisfied clients for more than thirty years now.


1652 Watson Court
Milpitas, California 95035

phone: 408-945-8400
facsimile: 408-945-8433

web: http://www.rdm-ind.com/
Email: info-sp@rdm-ind.com

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