DWI Fatality Decline in Harris and Montgomery Counties Shows Good Work by Law Enforcement in the Area

In Houston and the surrounding areas, there were still 105 DWI arrests made during the New Year but the general trend is that during this time of the year, people are becoming more aware of road safety. However, the rest of the year still needs work to encourage drivers to be more safety conscious.

Recent changes in the law mean that the conviction rate for anyone arrested for DWI has now risen to 95%, and this will surely make drivers take notice and perhaps gradually increase the safety of Houston’s roads. Law enforcement continues its battle in earnest, to make Houston’s roads a safer place at all times of the year.

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This recent New Year's holiday there was not a single fatality in Harris County or Montgomery County and local prosecutors now believe this is because more drivers are beginning to get the message about safety on the roads. Although Harris County remains to have the highest number of DWI fatalities in the state Montgomery County prosecutor Warren Diepram believes there is still much work to be done.

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