Xhtmlchop.com Offers The Option To Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers On Monthly & Hourly Basis

Houston, Texas – Xhtmlchop.com is a highly experienced web programming and PSD conversions company. Xhtmlchop.com offers customers a very impressive option; customers can now hire highly experienced PHP programmers from Xhtmlchop.com under the ‘Hire Dedicated PHP Programmer’ program. The option to hire PHP programmer from Xhtmlchop.com has received great welcome and appreciation among the customers that are looking for dependable PHP programming services. Customers can now hire one or more dedicated web developers and assign work to the hired programmers directly. Customers that have already tried the‘Hire dedicated PHP developer’ option find the option highly flexible.
Hiring dedicated web programming experts at Xhtmlchop.com proves to bring numerous benefits to production houses and to individual website owners. Web programming companies can now make use of the innovative option to hire full-time dedicated PHP programmers and scale up the team size easily without having to worry about the hassles involved in recruiting new resources and without having to worry about payroll formalities. The offshore model gives the customers with all the benefits of having an in-house dedicated resource minus all the hassles of having one. The hired resource will work from the well-equipped offices of Xhtmlchop.com. Customers however will be able to send the assignments directly to the hired resources. Hired PHP programmer will be assigned to work only for one customer during the hired hours. Customers will have total control over the dedicated PHP programmer.
Direct communications are possible with the dedicated PHP programmer. The hired resource will send regular updates to the customers on the progress of the work done. Customers gain more control over one’s project. Web programming companies can now set up as many PHP programming teams as required at Xhtmlchop.com. Experienced PHP programmers can be hired at just $9 per hour. Xhtmlchop.com offers customers with three payment options namely, monthly plan for those who have on going requirements that will require a full time PHP resource and weekly plan which includes 40 hours and hourly plan with a minimum cap of 10 hours. Xhtmlchop.com has carefully studied customer requirements and come up with the three flexible plans.
Customers that have used the dedicated programmers from Xhtmlchop.com report great satisfaction. The flexibility of the option and the money savings make many customers establish long term relationship with the company for on going PHP programming needs. Xhtmlchop.com offers customers with highly impressive customer service.

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