Michigan MRI Available, Offering Innovative Imaging Services For All

30th January 2013 – When it comes to your health, safety and security, Mid-Michigan MRI is there to provide you with the highest quality medical imaging available anywhere in the state. Founded in 1991, Mid-Michigan MRI is the product of Michigan State University and Sparrow Hospital joining forces to provide the people of Michigan magnetic resonance imaging when they need it. With the most highly skilled radiologists, most innovative imaging equipment and an unparalleled focus on their patients, you will be able to receive the MRI procedures you need, with ease.

This Michigan MRI clinic provides the most innovative and highest definition brain and joint imaging available area they have a number of units available, which provide options for average, larger sized and claustrophobic patients, without weight limits. This ensures patient comfort at all times, while still providing the best image quality possible. In addition to high field and wide bore MRI, they can also provide you with an open MRI. An open MRI is open on either side, increasing visibility and space, and maximizing comfort for claustrophobic patients, as well as those that are too large for a traditional, high field MRI.

Although open MRI’s may take a bit longer to complete, it provides this technology to every patient who otherwise may not be able to avail of these amazing services. Although every patient requires a physician’s referral, most health insurance covers MRI’s as standard treatments. It does not end there, however, because Mid-Michigan MRI also provides mobile MRI services to Ionia County Memorial Hospital and Clinton Memorial Hospital throughout the week.

Mid-Michigan MRI also provides PET/CT scans at Sparrow Hospital, to enhance everyone’s experience, ensuring proper diagnosis the first time. PET/CT scans are noninvasive, and provide doctors the opportunity to view precise locations of diseases, analyze metabolism, cell function and more, which is vital information about your body, which is otherwise unavailable. Most often, these types of scans are used to treat and diagnose different types of cancer.

A PET/CT scan gives physicians the opportunity to discern between malignant and benign disorders, as well as living and dead tissues. It also provides physicians the opportunity to see the advancement of diseases, in a single examination. This is because it provides cancer detection in any part of the body, including assistance in monitoring and treating diseases, as well as highlighting tumors that may have otherwise been missed or are were unable to be seen, because of scar tissue and radiation therapy.

Mid-Michigan MRI is proud to serve their patients throughout Michigan, with their extensive opportunities for MRI’s, CT and PET scans and more, for every patient that needs them. To find out more about Michigan MRI, visit www.midMichiganMRI.org, order contact them by telephone, toll-free at 800-206-3674. You can also contact them directly by phone at 517-364-2877. They are open 24 hours per day, Monday through Friday, and are open from 6 AM to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Serving Michigan State University Clinical Center, Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Ionia and St. Johns, find out more about how Mid-Michigan MRI can provide you with the diagnostics and treatments that you need today.

Take advantage of Michigan MRI services that is covered by insurance, with Mid-Michigan MRI, serving Ionia, Lansing and St. Johns.

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