Ancient Code Deciphers Modern Day Leadership

CHESAPEAKE, VA – Many today are looking for a way to lead. Unfortunately, there are not many modern day examples to follow. What if the human race had been delivered a leader code? What if this code were hidden in an ancient manuscript? What if this code were lifted from the words of an ancient manuscript, translated and delivered to the masses today? What would happen if one knew that it was available, today, hidden on the pages of the greatest selling book of all time?

Author Dan Blakeslee has not only discovered The Code, he has eloquently lifted it from the pages of antiquity. He has pieced it together for modern day readers in a great allegory in this new book now available on – The Leader Code. Once one cracks The Leader Code, selecting the proper leader mode will become second nature. It can make the average “person in charge” a truly effective leader.

Each chapter effectively delivers a lesson within an evolving story. Readers will follow easily what the main character, Christopher, is learning from his mentor and boss, Bob. To compliment the learning process, questions are added at the end of each chapter to aid the reader to understand the six distinctive leader modes bestowed to the human race.

Author Dan Blakeslee is no stranger to leadership or the principles he is imparting to the reader, having developed curriculum for the pilot course for the Navy’s Total Quality Management (TQM) Program. Blakeslee designed the curriculum and taught the pilot course. This decorated Navy Veteran is an accomplished leader and a trainer of leaders. He consults with non-profit organizations, churches and businesses to further help them accomplish their mission – efficiently and effectively.

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