Cardiovascular Treatment in Jacksonville with Dr. Sumant Lamba

In an effort to offer Jacksonville residents the most advanced forms of cardiovascular treatment currently available in the United States, Dr. Sumant Lamba has joined the First Coast Cardiovascular Institute, P.A. Dr. Lama now offers cardiovascular diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention in association with all of the leading hospitals in Jacksonville and the surrounding First Coast area, including the Baptist Medical Center, St. Lukes Hospital, Orange Park Medical Center, Memorial Hospital at Jacksonville, Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine and the Brooke Rehabilitation Hospital.

For the leading methods of care in the treatment of vascular disease, chest pain and cardiac arrest, Dr. Sumant Lamba is now one of the premier cardiovascular physicians in the Jacksonville area.

Cardiovascular Treatment in Jacksonville

Dr. Sumant Lamba has introduced new forms of cardiovascular treatment to the Jacksonville community, offering ultrafiltration to assist in the treatment of heart and vascular disease. Dr. Lamba takes ultrafiltration from his experience at the Ohio State University where he conducted research and offered cardiovascular treatment at the OSU Medical Center.

Ultrafiltration uses intravenous therapy to move fluids away from the heart, thus enhancing blood flow and assisting in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The ultrafiltration system is similar to dialysis but it regarded as more effective than previous forms of treatment. This is a cardiovascular therapy that Dr. Lamba specializes in and offers for those in and around Jacksonville in need of therapy for their heart and vascular health.

About Dr. Sumant Lamba

Dr. Lamba is a highly experienced cardiovascular physician who uses state of the art treatment methods to provide each of his patients with the most comprehensive treatment methods available. During the years he spent conducting research and providing treatment for heart disease at Ohio State University Dr. Lamba specialized in heart failure and interventional cardiology, protecting people from cardiac arrest and other forms of severe heart disease. He now uses his expertise to protect the Jacksonville community from severe cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks.

Dr. Sumant Lamba was born the son of a doctor and grew up with the desire to help people medically. He is dedicated to his practice in Jacksonville and is an integral part of the team of physicians at First Coast Cardiovascular Institute, P.A. Embedded data.

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