Whereas price is a primary stated reason consumers select an online store, analysis of the data reveals that online store services and delivery–which includes comfort of insertion an order, variety of delivery selections and speed of delivery–is the main driver of overall satisfaction.

The report measures overall satisfaction with online retailers among consumers who have completed a purchase from an online website in the past 12 months. The report examines many factors: online store services and delivery; in-stock availability of merchandise; variety of merchandise offered; competitiveness of pricing; usefulness of information; website/online store; and contact with customer service. The relative importance of contact with customer service in driving overall satisfaction is low, as only 14 percent of online consumers indicate that they contacted customer service; however, among those who contacted customer service, this becomes the most important factor.

The report finds that, while more than 50 percent of online shoppers select their online retailer because of price, and 29 percent due to sales and promotions, additional leading reasons cited by those consumers who eventually selected one of the highest-ranked retailers include consumer feedback regarding brand status, positive reviews, past experience with the retailer and references from family and friends.
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