Dr Christina Martinez, ND a Naturopathic Doctor in San Diego Accepts Most Major Insurance Plans

Dr, Christina Martinez, ND, a Naturophathic Doctor at the San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine in San Diego County, is accepting new patients under most major insurance plans.

Dr. Christina Martinez treats many kinds of health conditions, specializing in Women’s Health issues, digestive issues, Auto-immune conditions (e.g. Lupus), metabolic syndromes (e.g. Diabetes), allergies and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. She also effectively treats hormone imbalances with bioidentical hormones and nutritional IV therapy.

Many Americans suffer from serious digestive complaints, but a large percentage of those who look to conventional treatments do not experience lasting relief. While treatments like antacids and antibiotics can aid in the short-term relief, they frequently lose effectiveness over time, requiring higher dosages to control digestive symptoms. Dr. Martinez is dedicated to a truly holistic approach that assists the body’s inherent capability to heal and repair itself as well as to correct digestive imbalances, if provided the accurate resources and nutrition.

Dr. Martinez, a naturopathic physician practiced in alternative and conventional medicine, combines a leading edge metabolic test with natural curing such as Vitamins, Herbs and Nutrition.

Dr. Christina Martinez sees patients at the San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Joseph Aiello, DO.

About Dr. Christina Martinez

Dr. Christina Martinez received her medical degree in Naturopathic medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, one of the most highly-regarded schools of natural health education. Located in San Diego, California, Dr. Martinez specializes in treating metabolic disorders, auto-immune conditions, and women’s health issues, as well as general family practice. Her specialized training allows her to combine the finest of advanced medicine as well as diagnostics together with the age-old knowledge of natural treatment. Importance is placed on looking the main cause of the illness, rather than simply treating the symptoms. Dr. Christina Martinez principles are based on the natural healing capabilities of the body.

Website: http://sdintegrativemedicine.com

Address: San Diego Center for Integrative Medicine, 10225 Austin Dr Ste 106, Spring Valley, CA 91978

Contact Number: 619 670-8028

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