The ethical, environmentally aware face of modern bird and pest control in Teeside

It’s a moral dilemma for any of us with an appreciation and concern for nature. You have an infestation of pests in your home or business threatening either your family’s wellbeing or even your business and employees. You know something has to be done, that your house or premises really must be rid of the pests in question. But concerns about using humane treatments or the use of certain pesticides which may be harmful to your family, employees, wildlife or the environment remain.

Since its foundation in 1993, NBC Bird & Pest Solutions has been confronting and providing answers to both of these issues by taking a resolutely ethical approach to help customers to manage their bird and pest problems. “Even just a few decades ago,” says NBC Managing Director John Dickson, “our ethical approach to consider non-lethal methods of bird and pest control first may have seemed out of place but the industry best practice has evolved to ensure pest control activities don’t affect non-target species or the environment.”

“But just as the environment has changed,” he continues “with factors such as urbanisation and industrialisation exerting new influences and pressures on wildlife and pests, people’s attitudes to the welfare of wildlife and its place in the balance of nature have changed. NBC’s aim is to prevent or correct situations where the relationship between man and wildlife has become one of conflict adversely affecting business or family life.

“Towards this aim, every aspect of our service is designed to control birds, pests and wildlife humanely and with minimal impact on the environment,” John adds. “We always consider non-lethal methods first and endeavor to avoid causing adverse effects to any non-target wildlife in the vicinity. Our track record of consistent success demonstrates that this works very effectively.”

It’s an approach that has seen the company grow to be a well established national network, a group of professionals acknowledged as locally knowledgeable pest, bird and wildlife experts who are committed to their subject and its essential role in so many of our lives. A prime example of NBC’s ability to provide pest control with a truly local focus is the company’s Teeside operation. Anyone calling in NBC for pest control in Middlesborough or Richmond can be assured they’ll be served by specialists who understand these areas because they actually live in them.

“It’s a gratifying testimony to the way we choose to do business,” says John, “that we are often called upon to assist with scientific studies, particularly regarding birds and rats. As an example of this important area of our activities, we were recently pleased to add our knowledge to the world’s largest ever study on bird control practices, which was carried out by the Central Science Laboratory (now FERA). This is just one of many examples of us sharing our expertise wherever it may be considered helpful. ”

In addition, the company runs an on-going programme of activities and events to promote understanding of nature, the environment and the ways in which bird and pest control can contribute to society.

NBC Bird & Pest Solutions has also earned a reputation for delivering value for money to both residential and commercial customers. “At a time of economic uncertainly, “says John Dickson, “we know we must do all we can to maintain an affordable tariff of prices without cutting back on the quality of our service.”

NBC has branches all over the UK covering major cities and towns, as well smaller communities. For more information on the comprehensive commercial and residential range of bird, pest and wildlife control services offered by NBC Bird & Pest Solutions, please visit or call 0800 169 9646.

NBC Bird & Pest Solutions services cover pest control in Durham and Pest Management services Middlesbrough. Press Release by Websmart Marketing on behalf of NBC.

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