The Hedding Law Firm Tops in Handling DUI defense Cases in Los Angeles

The Hedding Law Firm, a well known and prominent firm, is rendering exceptional service when it comes to criminal defense, especially Driving Under the Influence area. The firm has over 50 years of courthouse experience in Los Angeles and is one of the most trusted firms in the region. The renowned firm is one amongst the top DUI defense firms in California and is known to have dealt with several DUI cases successfully.

Many states in US holds a strict stance when it comes to drinking while intoxicated criminal offense and comes up with strict penalties. If one is caught under DUI, the person needs to undergo long and tedious process and procedures. In certain cases, the license of the concerned person is revoked along with a fine amount and the person may have to undergo a jail sentence. It is important to get the help of the best attorney or firm in such a crucial situation. The Hedding Law Firm is one such best firm which is known to offer exceptional service in different criminal defense areas.

The firm is headed by the famous Los Angeles DUI attorney, Ron Hedding who has an incredible success record in the DUI defense space. He has been named as Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year by the Consumer Business Review. The Hedding Law Firm brings with it several years of experience and expertise in various criminal defense areas. The attorneys in the firm are absolutely professional and committed to each and every client. They make sure to provide individual attention and focuses solely on the case at hand. The clients can have a one on one conversation with the attorney.

Los Angeles DUI lawyer Ron Hedding says, “Our attorneys have tried approximately 200 jury trials and have 75+ years of experience – this kind of experience is hard to find and is extremely valuable in assessing if a Los Angeles DUI case should go to trial or should be resolved.”

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The Hedding Law Firm has been rendering exceptional criminal defense service for the past several years and is a trusted firm in the Los Angeles region.

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