Qbase Have Your Data Marketing Needs Covered

10/01/2013 – Ensure that your data marketing procedures and data are up to date with the help of Qbase.

Qbase can help you to streamline your data marketing processes, ensuring that you reach a higher number of customers who are likely to act, whilst saving money and increasing the number of sales you make.

Qbase claim that their software can help the vast majority of businesses to increase the success of their marketing campaigns, whilst also saving them money in the process. By enlisting the help of Qbase, companies can ensure that they market their products only to the people who are most likely to respond to them, which means they do not have to waste time on dead ends.

Qbase specialise in data marketing and have developed many software systems which allow businesses to better keep track of their customers., They have also developed excellent marketing databases which are always kept u to date and which can be used by companies to target their marketing more efficiently than ever before.

Qbase are very diverse in the methods they use and this brings much better results for their clients. The company use a range of systems from data analytics to propensity modelling and data cleansing to ensure that companies are always able to identify the customers who are likely to bring them the most value through marketing.

About Qbase.net:
Qbase is a data marketing company who specialise in the creation of software systems which help companies to become more efficient in their data marketing practices. The company have been around since 1990, where they started out by building and maintaining a UK compiled database. Finding their initial endeavour successful, the company branched out into other areas, including the management of third party databases, and set about streamlining data marketing procedures for a range of clients.

Qbase.net now tackle a number of tasks for their clients, including everything from data selection to processing and even have a very successful base in the US, where they deal with market opportunities over there.

Qbase Data Services
31-33 Bold Street
Warrington, UK
Zip: WA1 1HL
Tel: 01925 644 800
Website: http://www.qbase.net

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