Six Dimensions Security Services

Application & Network Security Auditing
Secure Code Audits – We perform a comprehensive analysis of your organizations source code both in-house, and 3rd party. This type of in-depth assessment allows us to uncover security vulnerabilities, and bugs that put your applications, and clients at risk. Common security issues found are SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting buffer Overflow, and Authentication vulnerabilities.

Application Penetration Testing:
With an application penetration test we perform a complete audit of your companies applications from an external perspective. This approach audits your applications at the API or user interface level.

Web Application Penetration Testing services help identify vulnerabilities and risks in web applications, including:

1. Known vulnerabilities in COTS applications
2. Technical vulnerabilities: URL manipulation, SQL injection, cross site scripting, back-end authentication, password in memory, session hijacking, buffer overflow, web server configuration, credential management, Click jacking, etc,
3. Business logic errors: Day-to-Day threat analysis, unauthorized logins, personal information modification, pricelist modification, unauthorized funds transfer, breach of customer trust etc.

Performing this type of thorough assessment helps maintain the integrity of your application, and gives you an idea of how your applications can be manipulated from a hackers perspective. Regular code audits, and application penetration audits minimize the risk of having critical vulnerabilities impact your customers, and enterprise.

Network Penetration Testing:
A network penetration test simulates attacks at the core of your networks infrastructure. We determine the underline issues, and vulnerabilities that exist within your organizations network, and help you to remediate these issues so that they cannot be exploited by attackers.

By combining all these solutions your enterprise benefits from a complete security lifecycle that covers integration from a solutions perspective as well as pro-active auditing that builds your enterprises security all across the board throughout its networks, and applications.

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