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Hengshui City, China – When some big event is organized at a particular site and a huge crowd gathers, there could be much pushing and jostling which sometimes may even take alarming dimensions and can kill people through stampede. Also with large number of people pouring in, the crowd may push in to the main event area causing much distraction and interruptions. For keeping crowds off the site and for ensuring the safety of all visitors to the event installing a crowd control barrier or a temporary fence is a good option. One China-based company Top Fence Co. Ltd offers an extensive range of temporary fencing and crowd control barrier options to customers worldwide. However the chief customers of the company still remains Australia and New Zealand.

This company was established in 2004 and thus has 8 long years of experience as a temporary fence provider. The company specializes in manufacturing event fences which include not only temporary fences and crowd control barriers but also another type the Mojo barrier or concert barrier, a special type of temporary fence that came in to being in the 1980s under the initiative of Mojo Concerts, a Dutch company reputed for its great event organizing skills. The fences sold by the company are highest quality, durable and entirely factory supply products. The company operates online through its site which customers can visit to get an idea about the different fencing solutions offered by the company.

‘Our company has a vast array of fencing solutions to meet the requirements of every event no matter how big or small it is. Also most of our fencing products come with 5, 10 or 20 year guarantee certification on their quality. The fencing panel of our products is 99% closed and meet the AS4687-2007 standards in this respect. We assure our customers that they will be charged the lowest possible prices for the highest quality fences’ says a team member.

The Temporary fencing solutions offered by the company allow customers to choose between three fencing panel options. Those are Woven mesh, welded mesh and finally the solid plastic ones. The crowd control barriers sold by the company are made out corrosion resistant galvanized steel. Apart from providing fences the company also offers a number of other derivative products like Cattle Barrier, Dog Kennel, Cages for Aviary Birds, Meshed wire container and Premier 358 Mesh fence for high security purposes etc.

‘Last month I organized an temporary fence exhibition on the rare paintings of Raphael. I predicted a huge number of visitors and ordered crowd control barriers from Top Fence Co Ltd. I was pleased by their quality, customer service and competitive prices’ says a topeventfence happy customer.

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