Holistic Health Bay Area Announces Patient Guide to Hypothyroidism Diagnosis and Treatment

For Thyroid Awareness Month, Dr Douglas Husbands is announcing the release of his Patient Guide to Hypothyroidism Diagnosis and Treatment. It contains common misconceptions about hypothyroidism and the latest research on hypothyroidism.

SAN CARLOS, CA – For Thyroid Awareness Month, Dr Douglas Husbands is providing a Patient Guide to Hypothyroidism Diagnosis and Treatment to help patients better understand hypothyroidism and allow them to make informed, intelligent decisions for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

“There are over 10 million Americans that have been diagnosed with thyroid disease, and an estimated 13 million Americans with undiagnosed thyroid problems. With the majority of these cases being hypothyroidism and lots of misleading and outdated information on hypothyroidism, I decided to write this educational resource,” says Dr Douglas Husbands, Functional Medicine Doctor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

This guide covers why many who have the signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism show normal thyroid test results.

This guide also reveals a common underlying cause of Hashimoto’s Disease and many cases of hypothyroidism, and presents a treatment method that effectively resolves hypothyroidism, instead of just managing it with thyroid medication.

This Hypothyroidism Patient Guide contains:

– 7 Common Misconceptions About Hypothyroidism Diagnosis and Treatment

– Latest Research on Hypothyroidism

– Evidenced-based Approach to Resolving Hypothyroidism

– Critical “Must-Ask” Questions

– 3 Recommendations to Get the Best Results

To get a copy of this educational resource, visit http://hypothyroidismdiagnosis.com/.

About Holistic Health Bay Area:
Holistic Health Bay Area is a Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Chiropractic clinic in San Carlos, California. Besides providing natural and effective treatments for chronic health conditions and pain, the company provides patient education through newsletters, articles, presentations and patient guides.

Visit http://www.holistichealthbayarea.com for more information.

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