Advanced Breast Surgery Procedures in New York City

Manhattan, New York City: bodySCULPT, an established plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, primarily focuses on providing exceptional breast surgery procedures with outstanding results. State-of-the-art breast enhancement options provided are offered here to help improve breast volume, achieve symmetry, reduce sagginess, and gain a more youthful bust line.

The plastic surgeons at this facility are experienced in handling breast enlargement procedures. They incorporate the latest technologies and methods in treatment plans to provide patients with optimal aesthetic benefits. Each patient undergoes a thorough examination at the initial consultation. Goals are discussed and the physician recommends the appropriate breast enhancement procedure based on all these considerations.

The breast surgery procedures offered at bodySCULPT are:

• Breast augmentation surgery with implants: This procedure involves surgery to insert saline or silicone-gel implants into breasts to enhance size and shape.
• Fat grafting: Fat transfer is a natural augmentation method that uses the patient’s own fat cells to enhance the breasts.
• Breast lift or mastopexy: Excess skin is removed and the breasts are raised and their shape improved. This procedure can also be done simultaneously with augmentation.
• Breast reduction or mammoplasty: This is an ideal option for both men and women to reduce breast size. Excess fat is removed from the breasts via liposuction. In men, mammoplasty can resolve gynecomastia – abnormally enlarged breasts.

This AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Surgical Facilities) accredited plastic surgery center places top priority on patient safety. Breast surgery procedures are performed in a state-of-the-art surgical suite that ensures patient safety, comfort and privacy.

Minimally invasive techniques and latest technologies like laser assisted SmartLipo Triplex allow effective laser liposuction as well as faster healing and quick recovery. Other advantages patients can avail of by undertaking their breast surgery here include minimal procedural time, reduced surgical trauma, and minimal scarring.

The team of competent and compassionate staff takes care to maintain high standards of treatment and care. They provide personalized care and attention for all breast surgery procedures, right from the initial stage to full recovery.

About bodySCULPT

bodySCULPT is a leading surgical center in Manhattan, NYC that provides customized breast surgery procedures. More details on their procedures is available at

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Located conveniently at Manhattan, New York City, bodySCULPT specializes exclusively in breast surgery procedures.

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