Amish Crafts Create a Primitive Home Décor

A house’s décor is part of what makes it a home. The décor in a home lends the home its ambience and sets the mood for the home. This is especially true when the décor is homemade because not only does it reflect the occupants’ personal tastes, it reflects their traditions. Additionally, fond memories are associated with the making of homemade décor items.

Primitive home décor is a home design theme often found in country-style homes. Such décor items add a quaint, cozy, rustic feel to a home and are oftentimes steeped in family traditions. Amish crafts , for instance, are one of the most popular primitive décor styles. Amish décor items are handmade, and it is not unusual for such items to be passed down from generation to generation due to sentimental value.

Amish décor items include hand-stitched as well as quilted items. They include homemade candles of a variety of scents for every season. Signs and plaques are also popular Amish décor items comprised of wood cut into the desired shape and then painted. Carved and whittled wood is another common type of Amish primitive décor. Even the larger home furnishings found in primitive home design themes like tables, chairs, chests, and footstools are usually handmade from wood.

The Amish heritage is one that is rich in gardening and working with the land. Therefore, it is no surprise that many of their home furnishings and decorations consist of floral wreaths accented with berries as well as vases filled with fresh flowers corresponding to the season. Bowl fillers like apples, oranges, lemons, or any other fruit that is in season also serve as primitive décor furnishings.

Decorating a home in a primitive style can lend a home character as well as help keep family traditions alive. The key to creating primitive décor is to keep it simple and meaningful.

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