24th January 2013 – If you didn’t know, video does make a difference. The internet, especially now that reliability and internet speeds are better than ever before is custom made for video content, and recent studies show the power of this format.

For instance, not many people realize this but YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine on the web even though most people don’t look at it like a search engine but a video provider. Approximately 2.6 billion videos are streamed from YouTube every day, and that points up the importance videos should be playing in your organization or company’s marketing strategy.

Here at FaceVideo we are dedicated to bringing the highest production quality to every video we make, whether it is for a huge corporation or a small local business, we make it our goal to provide professional, attractive and informational video services for all our clients.

Videos are making up a larger and larger percentage of internet traffic, and according to some studies having a well-made and relevant video on your website makes customers 12 times more likely to buy a product or service from you.

Making a video is a mix of technical skills and art, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create the perfect video to showcase your company and abilities. We can help in every phase of the video; the best videos are usually only minutes long, but with a little ingenuity they can contain a huge amount of information, and they can show you things which still pictures and words simply cannot begin to compete with.

When it comes to corporate video production London was an obvious choice for our company; it is a major city not just in the UK, but is also a major business hub throughout the world, and we can design and create the perfect video series to make your product or service pop out of your web page, from a small local eatery or bakery to a multinational company rolling out a new product release or just teaching their customers more about themselves.

When it comes to Online Video Production, there is much more to making a professional looking video than just a nice camcorder – graphic arts, script writing, music and sound effects and editing all come together, and not all corporate video production services are equal.

At FaceVideo we employ the best technicians and artists in the industry, and our entire team is dedicated to making FaceVideo the best video production company in the U.K.

For the best corporate video product available, contact us today to talk to our professional staff, and we can begin putting ideas together to make your video show off you and your company or organization in the best possible way. Of all the video productions companies we are uniquely situated to deliver the best product for you.

We look forward to helping you design the perfect video, and know that each company is unique and needs a unique product. Not every Corporate Video Production Company brings that knowledge to each job; our goal is not shove you into a high cost production, but rather to design your video so that it meets your specific needs, whether that is a presenter video, animation, a video message or full blown corporate video production services.

Call or email today to find out how we can help you increase sales and educate customers and potential customers about your company and products.

For the best Online Video Production in the UK, or if you are looking for a professional Corporate Video Production Company look no further – visit our website, and look at some of our work! Embedded data.

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