Say no to the stress of the Heathrow Car Park with Hackett & Hackett

London, UK – January 24, 2013 – Chauffeur service used to be exclusive domain, of the rich, famous, and yes minister Simon Burns, who racked up an 80,000 pound car tab just last year. Hackett and Hackett are pleased to announce you can now travel in style just like the minister for a fraction of the cost. Chauffeur service is a great way to avoid the aggravation and cost of parking, and free up otherwise lost productive time while driving.

“The minister doesn’t have to fight the other passengers at Heathrow for a car park spot. So why on earth would you?” asksa Hackett & Hackett company spokesperson and continues, “Our rates, and offerings make it a competitive luxury solution to meet a host London chauffeur service needs. In fact even the airlines are doing it for their first class passengers.”

Hackett & Hackett recently announced their acquisition of a Rolls Royce Ghost, to their continually growing fleet of vehicles. This growth is in response to the growth in demand for chauffeur service in London, for every occasion from weddings, to executives and managers who are simply fed up with a stressful commute to work. Parking scarcity, cost, and congestion in the inner city has contributed heavily to the growth in the popularity of hired car services in London.

Recently the Qantas group announced it would follow the lead of Emirates and other air carriers by providing luxury transport for its First Class passengers to and from Heathrow Airport. The airline announced it was providing this service because of its popularity amongst its competitors.

Hackett & Hackett is a premium London, UK based chauffeur service, which takes pride in boosting clients business and leisure trips by taking the stress out of driving. Hackett & Hackett operates a fleet of nearly 90 luxury vehicles, and provides chauffeur services to a host of top tier clients. These have included airlines, royalty, directors of top companies from around the world, celebrities, high net worth individuals, and many more who have the need for luxury car service.

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