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Manchester, UK – January 24, 2013 – Major companies are constantly battling it out for attention, and what cheaper better way than viral video. This week’s top ten viral video reel includes ads from Nike, Microsoft, Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Disney, Pogo, and Microsoft. The non-advertisements included 10 ways to destroy a snowman, skydiving, and yes a film crew being chased by a bear. With Wreck-It Ralph on its way to the UK, Disney takes the cake with its 8-bit version of London’s Brick Lane.

Reel Effect, a Manchester based video marketing, and motion graphics producer wants to help your business go viral. The proof is in the proverbial pudding, video enhances web experience, which further drives traffic and sales.

“When it comes to making the sale a conventional website covered in wordy text just doesn’t cut it,”says a company spokesperson, “Our research shows conversion is remarkably higher if there is a video which consumers can quickly watch, in under three minutes. The bonus being if you can make them laugh they’ll share it with someone else.”

Viral video marketing is the premise of creating online entertaining video ads, which because of their entertaining nature are quickly and easily shared via social media and email. The result from an SEO standpoint is huge, because all of that content links back to the company, which produced the ad via its YouTube account.

“Consumers are spending an average of 30 hours a week online, and we know most of it is spent watching videos,” says the spokesperson, “In fact if we might be so bold it is quite clear web video is now more effective than television commercials, to the point where web based video is actually eating into television ratings.”

Reel Effect is a Manchester based search engine optimization and video marketing Production Company. Producing modern online video marketing is the company’s specialty, having helped a number of businesses and organizations build their viral campaigns and modernize their websites. Recently the company was commissioned by young entrepreneurs to help him build his pitch video for the top rated BBC television show Dragons’ Den. The company provides its services knowing video marketing has a dramatic positive impact on sales, vs. non-video marketing.

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