Teaching Golf to Small Children is Now Fun Time for Parents

Golf Mate helps kids to learn the first lesson of golf in a fun and interactive way and encourages family interaction. The Golf Set is specially designed for kids of ages 2 to 5.

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Parents can now use a unique junior golf set designed for teaching golf to children. Golf Mate is a golf teaching kit developed by a PGA child teaching specialist, Mark Bass. Parents in South Africa can order for this kid’s golf clubs online and those living outside the country can order for it through e-mail.

Those who are looking forward to spend fun times with their kids, and also introduce them to golf, can make use of this kit to teach golf to 2 to 5 year olds. Golf Mate helps parents to learn techniques to teach golf to their children and make it enjoyable too.

For more information on golf for kids, visit www.golfmate.org.

Golf Mate, developed by Mark Bass of South Africa, helps parents to spend fun time with their kids while introducing them to the fundamentals of golfing.

About Golf Mate

Mark Bass, a PGA child teaching specialist, invented a unique system to teach golf to children. Over the last 12 years, this system was further developed as the first golf training kit in the world for children and parents. Golf Mate – My First Golf Lesson is aimed at children in the age group of 2 to 5 years. It consists of 14 pieces that help to teach the basics of golfing to children, making the learning experience fun and interesting for them. The Golf Mate golf lessons for kids available in South Africa and can be purchased online as well.


Golf Mate Pty LTD
E-Mail: info@golfmate.org
Web: www.golfmate.org

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