Time Recording is Now Simple with Simplex

All companies need time recording services to keep track of their employees. This is very important for job costing and can be integrated with custom applications. Simplex Time Recorders is a South African firm that solves this problem for companies in South Africa by providing them with computerized as well as electro-mechanical time recorders.

Efficient time recording helps companies to provide appropriate access control to its employees and track attendance easily. Simtime and Timewiz are two software products developed by Simplex. These products are customized by in-house programmers in order to meet the needs of their client companies.

For more information on access control systems, visit www.simplex.co.za.

When it comes to job costing, access control, tracking absenteeism and attendance, then time and attendance software system by Simplex Time Recorders is an effective solution for companies based in South Africa.

About Simplex Time Recorders

Established in 1968, Simplex Time Recorders specializes in selling and servicing time recorders. The company currently supports 3000 time recorders in Western Cape (South Africa) in the operating field. The Simplex team strives hard to satisfy all its customers with every installation. It launched its website in 2006 which allows South African companies to place their orders online.


Simplex Time Recorders
Unit 1a,
C/O Railway Rd and Engine Avenue Montague Gardens
Cape Town,
South Africa
Telephone: +27 (0)21 552 5125
FAX: +27 (0)21 551 3089
Email: info@simplex.co.za

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