Stop Bed Bug Infestation: Start Protecting Your Family with the Help of Action Pest Control

As a national health issue, bed bug infestation in the US is increasingly becoming any household’s problem. Cities like New York, Cincinnati, New Jersey and Philadelphia are among the top bed bug-infested places. If you happened to live in any of these cities, you are likely to experience this kind of infestation as bed bugs can migrate through unknowing travelers, attracted to environment with food, warm and has a lot of crevices where these insects can hide from you. Given the fact that they are dangerous to your family’s health makes it imperative for any household to consider applying pest control solutions to their area. And one of the newly discovered ways of doing this is through the use of highly trained bed bug sniffing dogs.

Servicing in New York, Philly and New Jersey, Action Pest Control is best known for delivering fast and effective pest control services for four decades. Having these extensive years of experience helps action pest controllers devise advanced strategies that can successfully exterminate those uninvited bed bugs. And they use K-9 dogs when inspecting and determining even the most hidden areas where bed bugs could possibly be located. These dogs are not your average man’s best friend, but they are recognized experts in bed bug sniffing by the Animal Planet, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Fox Philly, and many other organizations.

Action Pest Control conducts consistent training of their bed bug dogs in order to keep them sharp in their abilities, expertise and to meet the standards of organizations that certify bed bug dogs for this pest control job. These dogs are also partnered with the most experienced dog handlers and trainers in the country. Meaning, they are recognized professionals in this field obtaining a certificate in line with Behavior Modification, Competition Level Obedience, Police K9, Narcotics, and Basic through Advanced Obedience, Bomb Detection Search and Rescue and other kinds of training.

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