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January 21st, 2013 – NFL football fans were delivered another Super Bowl treat last night as the Baltimore Ravens defeated the favored New England Patriots, finally determining the teams for this year’s Super Bowl. The 47th Super Bowl will take place in New Orleans on Sunday, February 3rd. It will feature the San Francisco 49ers vs. the resurgent Ravens. This is one of the most popular events for online sports betting enthusiasts, and as such HollywoodSportsbook.eu is determined to offer only the best to its players. More than any other online Sportsbook, HollywoodSportsbook.eu is dedicated to offering the best lines and most current odds on any and all sporting events. That dedication even extends to exotic and futures bets, which is why online bettors can already play odds on next year’s Super Bowl.

Quite a few picked the 49ers to make the trip all the way to the Super Bowl this year. Not many picked the Ravens. Especially after their abysmal performance in December, only the diehard fans of Baltimore still gave them a chance. Perseverance is a big theme in the NFL, one reason why the sport is so well loved by everyone. The excitement created by underdog wins is always a crowd favorite and makes for an interesting challenge for handicappers. As they say, any given Sunday is a chance for anyone to become a star in the NFL. The odds on HollywoodSportsbook.eu favor the 49ers (currently -170), though the Ravens aren’t as far behind as they might once have been (+150).

HollywoodSportsbook.eu is used to leading the online sports betting industry with new lines and wagers. While most sites are focusing on this year’s Super Bowl, HollywoodSportsbook.eu is already offering action on next Year’s NFL season. The future bets on the 2014 Super Bowl favor the Patriots more than anyone else, followed by the 49ers, the Denver Broncos, and the Seattle Seahawks. Projected lines like these are hard to come by. Only elite sportsbooks like HollywoodSportsbook.eu offer exotic wagers like this and very few are so forward looking.

No matter how players want to bet and play their favorite sports, HollywoodSportsbook.eu tries to accommodate them. The site also offers some great betting promotions, offering big winnings and great value bets. Whether betting the NFL this year or next, HollywoodSportsbook.eu is the place to be.

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