Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is very close to herbal therapy known as Ayurveda. During ancient Hindu system, ayurvedic medicines are used to cure various types of illness. On other words, aromatherapy is the branch of Ayurvedic medicine and plant medicine.

We use various herbs in ayurveda. Their extracts and their combinations are used to treat various health problems. In a similar way, in Aromatherapy treatment, we use various essential oils extracted from those plants. Now-a-days aromatherapy is become easier to practice than Ayurvedic herbal therapy because the essential oils effects more than the herbs. The essential oils penetrate into the skin because they are the soul of the derived plant material.

Essential Oil is basically a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR)) or Phytohormone of particular plant material which produces in special area of the plant. They serve the same work in the plant that animal hormones serve in the human body. In a plant, the essential oils work as a bactericide which is the agents that repel the pest and assist in cross pollination. The characteristic smell of a plant comes from the essential oil it contains. We can say that essential oils are responsible for smell of plant material. The prospect of odor is to attract insects that carry pollen from other plants.

The Essential Oils easily get soluble in alcohols and fats and are very volatile and aromatic in nature. In so many ways we can get the essential oils from a plant. Steam distillation is the most used method. In the steam distilled method, the plants are boiled in water. Then the steam is condensed into receiver and then separates the volatile oil using special apparatus. Solvents are also used to extract oils.

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