Water Ionization as a Form of the Advance of Technology

Water ionization is a term that looks like closer to the advance of technology. The essence of such technology is simple: it is intended to provide healthy alternative to bottle and tap water. Technology called water ionization started to be recognized as an important invention ever since a material like water has proven to be the most crucial substance that can sustain the work of human body. Simply put, water ionization function as water purified through which people can drink pure water that is not contaminated by pollutants or bacteria. That is why people called water purification as perfect substitution for bottled water.

How does water ionization created? Basically, it is involving the use of applied science, at which electrical appliance used with the intention to ionize water. Simply put, such ionize water is claimed to be beneficial for human body. It can help preventing various diseases and slowing aging process. However, some expert note that such beneficial claim contradict the basic rules of nature, physiology, and chemistry. When talking about the truth behind anti-aging product, such note might be even truer. But in essence, such note wouldn’t be main focus here. Let us peek a little about technology review works behind the essence of water ionization.

At first, there will be water ionizer to be used. Such ionizer involves the use of electrolysis process through which water will be separated into acid fractions and alkaline at the very end. Water ionizer charging the electric with the intention to exploit magnesium ions and calcium occur nearly in any source of drinking water. Water ionization would be worked at all if the source of water lack of mineral ions. Many bottled water products didn’t get bloated with alkaline water. So when a person drink ionized water, his body will have more liquid – means that ionized water will enhance the body function and at the same time, increase the energy level – compared to those who don’t drink ionized water.

Are there any other benefits of ionized water? Several researches have been suggested that ionized water may be useful in getting rid of free radicals. It means ionized water can prevent hydrogen peroxide-brought damage to RNA, DNA, and certain proteins inside the human body. Electrolyzed water, on the other hand, has been applied in certain fields including the food industry. In such filed, ionized water used mostly to sanitize food and beverage products. But however, water ionization probably is just one of the water purification methods.

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