Great flavours available from one of the leading E Liquid experts at Liberty Flights

Featuring heavily on quality, reassurance and refinement, Liberty Flights are a company that have followed he wishes of their clients and customers for a wider choice of flavours and nicotine strengths to be more readily available online to suit their growing demand. As competition intensifies and the realms of electronic cigarettes and e Liquid atomisers widen to accommodate popularity amongst smokers of all descriptions, there is far more scope now for smokers looking for a cleaner, safer and more cost efficient way to best enjoy their nicotine hit.

Offering a selection of both premade E Liquids and DIY kits that allow you the freedom to create the perfect blend of flavours and nicotine strength to match individual desires, there are so many opportunities now available to generate the exact sensation you want to, regardless of whether requiring a floral or fruit inspired taste or if you prefer the authenticity of your regular brand of tobacco. It’s easy to choose a pre selected e cig liquid for yourself, available in tobacco or menthol guises, or as one of the different tastes offered at Liberty Flights.

For smokers who are used to fuller flavoured, stronger cigarettes there are different strengths of nicotine to choose from, ranging from 0mg for those who are within the transitional period from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes and for those who require the tactile benefits of smoking but who are attempting to kick the habit all the way to 24mg of nicotine for those used to smoking the heavier brands of tobacco such as Camel full strength, Marlboro Red and Gold Benson and Hedges.

The magic behind the e cigs available at Liberty Flights and other such suppliers is the e Liquid and atomiser compartments, together making up the brains of the operation so to speak. The electronic cigarette works by vaporising a glycerine or propylene glycol base that contains the specific flavourings and nicotine strength to suit your preferences and tastes, turning this liquid into a fine mist that is inhaled in the same way as cigarette smoke, hitting the receptors in the back of the throat, instantly informing the brain that nicotine is on the way, satisfying the craving in a most reliable and fast way.

Probably the best solution for anyone looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes, there are many benefits to switching to electronic cigarettes, not simply because of the social acceptance that e cigs have but also the fact that they do not need to ignite or burn any material to deliver their intended relief. In other words, they are completely free from the restraints of the smoking ban which came into force throughout England in 2007 and as such offer a terrific way to enjoy an intake of nicotine without creating an unpleasant odour, a risk of passive smoking for others, no discolouration to fingers, clothing or building interiors and without any of the thousands of toxins and chemical combinations that are present in conventional tobacco smoke.

Discovering the benefits of the Electronic Cigarette and E Liquid varieties today could be the smartest move you make, changing your outlook for the better. You may find that your preferences change, opting for a change to less nicotine as times go by and a choice of different flavours to enjoy as your palette bursts into life once more.

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The world of tobacco alternatives is exploding amongst a flurry of great flavours as industry experts such as Liberty Flights present a growing range of potential tastes of tobaccos, fruit and floral bliss! Discover more on how this company and others are making the transition from tobacco to E Liquid for conventional smokers even more simple and easy.

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