Small Business Opportunities in 2013: Two Favorable Ideas

Avon, IN – January 21, 2013 – Going into business is a risk; any entrepreneur understands this. This is the main reason why many aspiring business owner do an adequate amount of research before diving in and investing their time and money. From building ecommerce sites and online stores to starting an affiliate marketing business, we have heard all these promising ideas. But business blogger Sandy McQueen has two novel small business opportunities in 2013 that any entrepreneur should definitely consider; and for good reason, they are generally untapped but very promising.

In one of her recent articles, she announces two innovative ideas business owners who have the right experience and skills can start with a very minimal capital to begin with. If one has the right background, Sandy explains why these two small business ideas can be quite lucrative, leveraging on the business owners’ skill and education rather than on spending a large startup capital. Here are the two business ideas Sandy says she thinks will be profitable for those who have the right knowledge and experience:

  1. College Tutoring Business
  2. College Planning Business

“One of the great things about a home tutoring business is that there is not a lot that you need to get started. Since you will be providing the lessons at the students home the costs are minimal, a small amount for advertising is all that you will need to spend.” – says Sandy in her article ‘Small Business Opportunities in 2013: Here are Two of the Best’

She expounds the benefits of a tutoring business for college students because of the great need of support education for most students. As long as one has the proper knowledge in proving a quality tutoring experience, one doesn’t need a large capital to start this business since most of the tutorials can be done online.

“The startup costs for a college planner are quite low as this is another business in which you will visit your clients rather than having them to come to you. If you are going to succeed you will obviously have to know a great deal about the college admissions process. Most people who start these businesses have worked in college admissions but again it is not a requirement, with a little research you can learn everything that you need to know.” Says Sandy, as she explains how her other business idea, being a college planner, can be profitable as well with very little startup investment.

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