State Rep Doc Anderson Perfect Example of Why The USA Drug War & Legal System Has Failed

New York 10th January 2013 – the war against drugs in the United States of America has been going on for decades yet it is hard to point to any success that has been seen. The taxes and the public resources that have gone to the war against drugs is huge, the legal system and the enforcing agency have prioritized the abuse of hard drugs and in fact there have been different police and legislative frameworks that have been set forth to deal with the issue but it seems that the cases of drug abuse among youth in the US still remains on the high. What has gone wrong? Why have we remained stuck on one anti drug strategy knowing well that it hasn’t worked for decades?

State rep Doc Anderson is the perfect example of what is wrong with the American anti drugs system and why even after billions of dollars being spent on the war against drugs, there is little to show for it. The idea of banning or illegalizing any drugs looks on paper as a very good way to remove harmful drugs to the streets of America yet it is not practical. The government has spent billions of dollars in law enforcement but it is very obvious even with a whole police unit handling drugs it is not easy to cover every area of the country. Doc Anderson quoted in an interview went on record saying that young people in the US have to be protected from drug dealers who seem according to him to package the drugs, the heroine and the meth not to mention the cocaine as things that are not dangerous.

Well it is this failure of the law makers to see the exact nature of how the drugs and distribution networks work that has led to failed legislations and even when such laws have passed in different states, the government has spent billion in enforcement only to come to a dead end. The problem is no one is willing to admit that the American drug war was long lost and if at all there is a chance to retrieve the situation, change of mind set and strategy among key players including law makers and law enforcement agencies in different states across America is needed as a matter of absolute necessity.

The idea that criminalizing a drug makes it less available to kids and citizens is a perfect misconception of the whole idea of fighting the abuse of hard drugs among youth in the country. Based on the little that has been seen in the American drug war in terms of results, it is sometimes right to think that what so far we have ripped from the drug systems is a continued loss of public resources used to create failed laws and enforce them and keep law makers and state representatives in the payroll long enough. The American people will need to take the initiative, get leaders and law makers who will be more proactive and practical in the fight against drugs. is a leading Kratom online store where you can buy superior quality Kratom Extract, Kratom Powdered Leaf, Kratom Capsules, and much more Embedded data.

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