New Social Media Website for Filipinos Launched

(UK) January 17, 2012 – The worldwide Filipino community, long known for its commitment to maintaining strong cultural ties regardless of location, now has a brand-new social media website to make keeping connected even easier. The new site is known as PinPinoy and is modelled after the wildly successful Pinterest site.

Both PinPinoy and Pinterest are pin board sites where users can post things of interest to them. Posting in this type of online environment is also known as “pinning.” The difference between pin board sites and other social networking venues like FaceBook lies in the fact that pin boards tend to be visual. Therefore, they tend to focus on digital photos, videos, and other graphical elements with text being kept to a minimum.

As for the site, it is dedicated to the Filipino community and their interests. It is meant to be a place where Pinoys can post their photographs, share their favourite recipes, add information about their favourite sports teams, and so on. Moreover, just like Pinterest users, users can customise their own profiles and pin boards.

The site is still relatively new so the user base is nowhere near the nearly 12 million users associated with Pinterest. However, the newness of the site gives Filipinos the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Those who are interested are invited to visit PinPinoy at and get started by creating a profile.

About PinPinoy is a social networking site designed with the purpose of helping the Filipino community around the world stay connected in areas of culture, current events, sports, entertainment, and general Pinoy life. It is modelled after the well-known Pinterest site that has smashed all previous social networking barriers in just its few years of existence. The creators of hope to see their site become equally popular among Filipinos. For more information, you can contact the site’s owners using the link below.

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Author: Marvin Guzman

Company: Pin Pinoy Ltd registered in UK

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