Premium Directory Listing Service From SubmitEdge Gets Guaranteed Google Friendly Back Links

Houston, Texas – Business owners that like to build high quality one way back links in the most search engine friendly way find the premium directory listing service offered by SubmitEdge to be a very reliable approach. SubmitEdge has been playing a very leading role in the SEO and link building industry. The company has been instrumental in the emergence of many new link building strategies such as link orbit service and more. Among the many link building and SEO services offered by SubmitEdge, premium directory listing service is a very reliable link building approach.
SubmitEdge helps website owners promote the online visibility of websites in Google and the other leading search engines through the use of the most effective premium directory listing service.
Premium directory listings help websites boost the online ranking of websites in a very decisive way. Many good quality one way links are obtained from using the strategy. Here SubmitEdge is in total control of the number of links secured because the company secures the premium directory listings from a network of top-class directories that are owned by the company. SubmitEdge owns and manages the large network of directories. Customers will therefore get exactly the same number of links ordered without fail.
SubmitEdge premium directory listing service is one of the fastest ways to acquire back links. As obtaining links from web directories is a natural link building process, Google does not have problem with the links here. On the other hand, websites manage to boost the online ranking with the help of the premium directory listing.
SubmitEdge indicates that the premium directory listing is a very effective strategy to boost the online ranking of websites in Google. The company also points out that the strategy can be used effectively to boost the ranking of homepages, inner pages and websites from restricted niche industries. All the links obtained are 100% one way links and the links will come from 100 unique class C IPs. SubmitEdge also guarantees customers 100% manual submissions to make the process look natural and highly search engine friendly. SubmitEdge features three cost effective packages to suit the diverse needs of the webmasters namely 250 premium directory listings at the cost of $149, 400 listings at the cost of $199 and 500 listings at the cost of $249.
Customers also get the option to choose slow submissions to ensure that the link velocity is kept well under control so that search engines do not mark the links for link spamming. The links count grow gradually with the slow submissions, which is to imitate the natural link growth pattern. Embedded data.

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