Crete Carrier Announces new Website for Minnesota Truck Drivers


Crete Carrier has made available to Minnesota Truck Drivers a new website. This website was launched on November 30th. The purpose of this new website is to connect truck drivers in Minnesota to trucking jobs that are available throughout the entire state. The new website contains different types of trucking jobs, length of time on the road, expectations and pay.

This new website also helps truckers communicate more effectively with Crete Carrier and other companies, as well as comparing different benefits and pay plans. Examples of these include health insurance, vision insurance, dental insurance, and life insurance. Crete Carrier has resources dedicated to meet the needs of its truck drivers and other employees.

Truck Drivers, not only in Minnesota, but in the Midwest and the United States, are benefitting from the Minnesota Truck Driving Jobs website. With the variety of jobs listed on this website, qualified truck drivers can pick from different kinds of trucking jobs that suit them best based on their experience and different licenses that they currently have.

“We want to make it possible for truckers, not only in Minnesota, but throughout the United States, to feel more of a part of the Crete Carrier Corporation, even as we become a larger company,” according to Andy Brabec.

Crete Carrier Jobs is the company’s newest flagship website, coordinating Minnesota Truck Driving Jobs, as well as other websites. It is not just designed to provide job listings, but to help truckers improve their quality of life. This website also helps in connecting present and future truck drivers easily and in handling other related concerns as well.

About Crete Carrier

Founded in 1937, Crete Carrier , along with its’ subsidiaries Shaffer Trucking and Hunt Transportation, ranks as one of the largest privately owned trucking companies in the country, offering a full range of transportation services to our customers. For more information about Shaffer Trucking, please visit Minnesota Truck Driving Jobs , Crete Carrier Jobs or email Andy Brabec at

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