Since 1984, AcuScribe has provided high-quality, personalized services to legal professionals

Austin, TX — AcuScribe Court Reporters champion the skill of human court reporters over the instant-recording and translation programs used today, especially in the legal system, where nuance and meaning are so important. Well-versed in a wide range of complex litigation, AcuScribe personnel can serve as court reporters, court transcriptionists, and videographers. AcuScribe uses the most advanced technology, including an online repository and realtime reporting. Skilled court reporters edit and proofread all realtime transcripts, thereby maximizing the benefits of realtime translation software for clients.

AcuScribe’s team of litigation support professionals also provides legal records retrieval, reporting personnel support, process serving, and subpoena services, as well as centralized scheduling, billing, and archiving. The services provided by AcuScribe personnel remain invaluable to legal professionals across Texas. Equipped with the speed of the latest technology, AcuScribe personnel are ready to apply their skill and expertise to individual clients’ needs.

With an expert records retrieval division, AcuScribe is able to find and provide the most difficult to locate legal documents for pending legal issues. Using an online, secure repository, AcuScribe stores all transcripts and exhibits in a conveniently accessed location, making the company excel at managing large, complex cases. AcuScribe provides electronic transcript delivery, as well as transcript and exhibit management. Clients can also take advantage of conference rooms and AcuScribe’s videoconferencing services. By combining a team of expert professionals with the most advanced technology, AcuScribe provides accurate, reliable, and fast litigation support services.

While technology and automation are outstanding tools, there are no algorithms that can replace human critical thought processes. AcuScribe professionals combine the best of both to provide timely, efficient, and accurate support services to legal professionals nationwide.

About AcuScribe: AcuScribe Court Reporters have provided court reporting services since 1984. Based in Austin, Texas, AcuScribe strives to provide the best and most responsive litigation support services in the industry. You can learn more about all of AcuScribe’s litigation support services at To schedule a deposition, call AcuScribe at 800-497-0277 or fill out an online scheduling form at

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