New Study Groups Kratom with Caffeine & Sugar

New York NY 10th January 2013 – New studies by leading institutions in the United States have grouped Kratom with sugar and caffeine. The idea has been inspired by the fact that Kratom just like caffeine from coffee is a natural supplement that is grown and used in its raw form. Unlike many baths salts which are chemically manufactured, the natural spark presented by Kratom in its working remained the most distinguishing attribute that has indeed contributed significantly to this new found grouping into sugars and caffeine.

New studies have placed Kratom, an Asian grown psychoactive organic plant into the group of caffeine and sugar. Researchers have said that unlike many growing misconceptions with regards to the plant, based on very solid grounds Kratom is legible to be categorized in the group of caffeine and any sugars or for that matter natural sugar. The classification of Kratom in the group of such natural sugars has been founded on the very obvious facts that the plant is grown naturally and used naturally in its raw form without any chemical process either in extraction of packaging.

The misconceived nature of Kratom has been campaigned and pushed by media houses that are scared of the truth. Whilst the remarkable benefits of the organic plant are all well known, the media has shied away from reporting them in pursuit of the money which in all cases has been attributed with distorted reporting deliberate in some cases and others inadvertent. The inclusion of Kratom in the normal sugars and caffeine categories comes in the face of increased medical research and proven results in different areas. The components of the plant have been tested and proven to be active in reducing depression.

According to the, personal reflections on the uses of Kratom of people under depression showed a common trajectory in the number of patients who have managed to get themselves out of depression through the use of a controlled daily dose of the plant. Although the basis of classification of Kratom with caffeine and natural sugar has been entirely based on the fact that it is natural in every way it has been used for the time it has been in this world, the effects of Kratom are pretty much like those of caffeine albeit the research going on in the former has proved more benefits that the latter’s.

The criticism that has often been laid upon Kratom has filed to point to the facts. Whilst Bath Salts, Spice, JWH, & Other Legal Highs are all chemicals which are similar to Cocaine, Methamphetamine, etc companies involved in their manufacture have stopped at nothing in discrediting the more effective, natural and none addictive Kratom. Despite all these challenges, practitioners and researchers are coming clean on what Kratom really is and as it has emerged, this is a natural organic plant with psychoactive effects which are not only positive but also very natural just like caffeine or any sugar.

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