LONDON, 15th JAN 2013: Men and women spend an extra day in their work week to get things done, according to a recent survey. In offices across the world, the one thing that increases stress is unorganized paperwork lying around. The bad news is, ignoring such office needs can work against the growth of the business and the individual and the good news is there is professional help in the form of virtual personal assistant services.

Gerri Spiers is a lady who is the best in what she does. She runs a personal virtual assistant business which is now a leading business in the metropolitan area. She has worked with several high net worth clients in the past and continues to offer her expertise to both growing as well as well established businesses.

Office overhead expenses take up a significant portion of the expenditure. Designing a budget to meet these expenses can go down as an effort in vain because there are always miscellaneous expenses that are going to pop in the last moment and there is no way one can plan for these expenses. The best way to ward off such expenses and keep office expenditure to a minimum is trust a professional virtual assistant like Gerri.

One area where Gerri promises to make a difference is the money spent on getting the office space organized. Since Gerri works from home, she can help managers save a huge amount of money on overhead expenses.

“I offer a professional back office bureau service. In simple terms I can handle office and administration work for my customers” reported Gerri recently. Her services have already helped companies cope with recession and channelize funds to help their business grow.

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