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Phillipines, 15th Jan 2013 – NoypiGeeks is synonymous with latest in technology and software solution. The website has been in the forefront of providing the most reliable tech news and information that pertains to new releases in the market. What this website has to offer that others don’t is the range of tech related issues one can access on the website. Essentially, everything to do with gadgets and technology is reported on the website. has recently come into the news for its widespread coverage of latest gadgets. From laptops, mobile phones to cameras, the website has the most up to date in terms of features, specifications and other details. The blog on discusses the most relevant issues with current operating systems and their respective carriers in the market. Android is its main focus but it doesn’t neglect other excellent platforms such as the Windows Phone from Microsoft, and iOS by Apple. The operating systems adopted may seem a little too sophisticated for first time users that’s why the website helps such users get in touch with their needs and be able to use the features of the phone to the best of their abilities.

The best thing about this website is that content on the site does not seem overly pushy. There are no hard opinions expressed and there is no over the top sales talk about any product. As the website is a personal tech journal of Filipino techies, posts, news, reviews and other content on the website is drafted keeping in mind the end user. Therefore, the information is clean, crisp and to the point. Even someone who has not used the gadgets before, the information will seem tailored to suit individual needs. is one of the fastest and the most tech exclusive websites on the web to date. The site owing to its authenticity and reliability of information is fast catching up with big names on the web. Since the website has also started reviewing latest gadgets in the market, new customers are finding it extremely useful to visit the site and give their decision a firm shape. The reviews expressed are honest and don’t beat around the bush which is the case with most other review sites. is now Philippines’ number one tech destination and it is soon to become the most visited online tech website in the country. To know more, log on at

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