Invites You to Get Your Blood Pumping with a New Career in Phlebotomy

Whether you already have the skills or are just looking to start the new year with a speciality that is in high demand, offers you all the information you need to gear up to enter the exciting field of phlebotomy. As a phlebotomist, you will be an essential member of a medical lab team as you collect blood samples through either venipuncture or microtechniques for transfusions, donations and even research. Most phlebotomists enjoy patient contact, which can include conducting interviews and taking vital signs and animal lovers can even take their skills into a veterinarian’s office or animal shelter working as an animal phlebotomist.

Best of all, there is room to grow in this exciting career–some phlebotomists go from technician to technologist by learning how to identify cells in blood, check cell morphology or blood type and conduct other tests that will prepare blood for transfusions and other uses. With your desire to help people plus love of medical technology, you can be working in your new phlebotomy career in no time!

Although our economy is in a downturn, phlebotomy jobs are in demand as health care needs escalate to provide services for our aging population. Blood screenings continue to be essential medical procedures as new and existing diseases and toxins are targeted in the blood supply, and many researchers rely on blood samples to conduct further investigations into the development of life-saving tests and to make new inroads in the area of medical science.

If you are thinking of switching careers or just starting fresh, phlebotomy offers you a secure, marketable position that doesn’t require a long, drawn-out educational commitment like some of the other medical careers. Get a full picture of the phlebotomist’s job description to help you determine if this career is right for you. For example, offers you valuable insight into the daily work of a phlebotomy technologist; provides information on several ways to get your foot in the door through training programs and certifications; and shows you what you can expect for a phlebotomy technician salary based on up-to-date data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling and learn more about becoming a phlebotomist , there is no better way than to have all the information you need right at your fingertips at


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